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Jon’s recording service is perfect for content creation for internet promotion and demo purposes.  

Focussed on easy, portable live music recording to a budget, Jon can provide 4K footage from two matched cameras with high quality audio. Usually the video footage will involve one fixed camera, and one roaming, giving the impression of a larger multi-camera shoot.  

Audio can be done in a variety of ways, from simple stereo recordings to multi-tracked high quality results. In the current portable version of the setup, we can accommodate up to 6 individual tracks (using high quality studio microphones for performances requiring little sound reinforcement, stage microphones if you are planning to fully utilise the PA, or a mixture of both approaches). This setup can be expanded to accommodate larger track counts at an extra cost.  

Mixing and mastering of these tracks will then be performed in house before syncing with the video.  

These 6 channels could provide for the following situations:  

- Any 6 individual instruments/vocalists  
- Any classical music performances where distance mic sound is preferred, up to and including orchestral music  

- Depending on how you want the drums to sound, we can use as few as 2 microphones on the kit, leaving space for 4 other instruments/vocalists